Cahurast Nepal

We work on following areas

Human Rights : The major aim  of CAURAST, Nepal is the protection , promotion and production of  Human Rights defenders.  It is working on raising awareness, developing advocacy plan and advancing the theory of Human Rights.It is mainly focused on the peoples’ economic, social and cultural rights as they constitute one of the major bases of sustainable peace and democracy. Recently, we have monitored the Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Nepal, focusing on right to health and right to education. We have published ‘ESCR Year Book 2017’ including the findings gathered by community monitors from the field.

Good Governance: We train the community on social accountability focusing on civic participation. We advocate for the protection and promotion of Human Rights and also contribute on advancement of human rights principle and tools. We also believe in partnership and networking as our goal is to create good governance. We develop manpower to work in the field of human rights. We work on 3E approach (educating, empowering and engaging citizens)  We aim to establish transparent, accountable and responsive governance which follows the rule of law maintaining equitable and inclusive participation of vulnerable, marginalized and minorities.

Peace and Democracy : CAHURAST Nepal, has been working in the field of peace and democracy from the very beginning of its establishment. Peace and Democracy is essential for the sustainable development of a nation, considering this fact we provide trainings on conflict management to the wings of different political parties and teach them about the necessary foundations of Democracy. Our main motto is to uphold and share the values and principles of democracy in order to build peace, stability and reconciliation. We work to create a society with a shared sense of responsibility and opportunity
Integrity Building : We work in the field of integrity following Community Integrity Building (CIB) approach as it is one of the most important and related issue with the citizens of grassroots level. We actively seek to tackle corruption by building integrity in challenging environments. Community Integrity Building strengthens accountability and guarantees that citizens are better equipped to deal with corruption challenges, to advocate for better services and to ensure public funds are not wasted. We believe through Integrity Education we can create a society where people can enjoy full form of Democracy.


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