Cahurast Nepal

गृहपृष्ठ Central office- Staff

Sabina Shrestha

Sabina Shrestha is a social activist, previously worked as journalist, reporting current affaires for Radio. Currently she is working as ESCR Coordinator at CAHURAST, Nepal. She has done her graduation from Kathmandu University. She has...बाँकी

Christina Nakarmi

Christina Nakarmi : Christina Nakarmi joined CAHURAST Nepal in 2016 with assisting in the Integrity Building Initiatives. She holds a Master Degree on Rural Development Studies and is graduated from Kathmandu University. She is experienced with...बाँकी

Sarala Maharjan

Sarala Maharjan : Sarala Maharjan is our Overall Program Coordinator. Sarala joined CAHURAST-Nepal in November 2012 as full time paid intern. Stepping from intern to project officer, she has been successful to grab a position to...बाँकी