Hukum Pokhrel

Acting Chairman of CAHURAST providing token of love to Bishnu Pukar Shrestha, Nepals' Ambassador to China


Group work

On identification of freed Haliyas issues under the European Union funded project "ADHICAR"





Board of Directors



Yearbook Launch Program


Protection | Promotion | Production

We are aimed at production of human rights defenders who remain active in protection and promotion of human rights.


Awareness | Advocacy | Advancement

We work on raising awareness on human rights issues, develop an advocacy plan and advance the theory of human rights.


          Educate | Empower |          Engage

Transparent/accountable/responsive governance by maintaining equitable and inclusive participation of vulnerable, marginalized & minorities.

Who are we?

Campaign for Human Rights and Social Transformation (CAHURAST) Nepal is a non-profit organization and has been operating across Nepal since November 2006. The organization operates in 67 out of the 77 of the districts of Nepal, and is hoping to expand to cover all districts. CAHURAST-Nepal and its district chapters work in collaboration with other human rights based organizations in order to operate effectively at both the local and national level. All of our projects make special provision for the inclusion of marginalized groups in the regions in which they operate.


Our Partnerships

Implementing Partners