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Campaign for Human Rights and Social Transformation (CAHURAST) Nepal is a non-profit, non-governmental Social Development Organization founded by a group of political activist, academia and social activists in 2006. CAHURAST-Nepal is registered under the Society Registration Act 2034 in District Administration Office, Kathmandu and affiliated with Social Welfare Council.


CAHURAST-Nepal is one of the leading human rights organizations in the country, focusing on economic, social and cultural rights, and is deeply rooted in Nepal’s community life. It works closely with citizens to generate voice and feedback in order to improve state accountability. An important focus of CAHURAST’s work has been to raise awareness about issues with the delivery of state-provided services. To do so, CAHURAST-Nepal has trained citizens on their right to information, empowering them to hold their government accountable.

Operating in 67 of Nepal’s 77 districts through multi-stakeholder district chapters, CAHURAST has nearly 1500 committee members with their expertise ranges from voice and accountability to conflict management, advocacy and campaigns to and human rights monitoring. A key issue on which CAHURAST advocates is inclusiveness, and they work hard to ensure that dalit, indigenous people, women and other marginalized groups are represented among their members. This helps them to meet their goal of social transformation through human rights for all.

CAHURAST-Nepal is involved in community based monitoring programs for promoting integrity, accountability and transparency together with the protection and promotion of human rights of the citizens. It is working on 3E modality which means Educating, Empowering and Engaging the community to protect, promote and enjoy their rights. It is mainly focused on the peoples’ economic, social and cultural rights as they constitute one of the major bases of sustainable peace and democracy. CAHURAST believes that No human Rights will be complete without protecting ESC Rights.

A holistically transformed Nepali society where people live in peace and harmony with each other and enjoying human rights and peace.

  • Facilitating empowerment process of the poor and marginalized communities for empowering themselves through education, empowerment and engagement in development mainstream with a special focus to the, social, cultural and economic transformation of the individuals.
  • Advocacy for ensuring equal access for all men and women, particularly those most in need, to basic services, the right to own land and property, productive resources and financial services, including microfinance.
  • Engage for social and economic inclusion of all irrespective of race, ethnicity or economic status through promoting peace, accountability and integrity.
  • Strengthening local community, CSOs and networks to promote social accountability and creating an enabling environment to ensure the voice of socially excluded and economically poor people/communities in development mainstream.

Justice: We will promote a just society where every individual can enjoy fundamental human rights and live a dignified life irrespective of their gender, religion, caste and ethnicity.

Integrity: We are committed to demonstrate integrity in dealing with resources and communicating transparently while dealing within organization and with wider level of stakeholders.

Team work: We believe in and strive to promote teamwork to carry out our organization mission. We strive to promote professional competency in all areas of our work so that we can demonstrate quality and mobilize the talents each person has.

Innovation and creativity: We always mobilize our talents to think, apply and create knowledge creatively to define the way of our involvement in social transformation and monition the human rights activities/incidents. We respect the innovative work of communities and other actors in this regards.

Equity and social justice: Each of our steps respects the equity and social justice and it will reflect in our program, project and activities in process/inputs and results as well.

Care for the environment: We always acknowledge the contribution of natural environment to the human beings and our each activity will be environment friendly.