Programmatic Intervention and Areas of Engagement

Democracy, Human rights and Peace

Goal: To contribute in promoting ESC rights, mitigating ethnic and social conflicts and promoting peace in Nepal


  • Trained and active human rights monitors will be developed who will be able to monitor ECH related rights and provide feedbacks to the service providers at district level
  • Provide mediation and conflict mitigating services to political parties, civil society organizations and ethnic groups
  • Design and conduct peace building initiatives at community level

Research, Advocacy and Knowledge Management

Goal: To provide resources and knowledge on the issues of ESC rights and influence policy for promoting ESC rights of marginalized groups


  • Advocacy activists will be developed who will be active, influencing policy and attitudes and able to share advocacy skills and learning at district level
  • District level youth groups will be better able to identify advocacy issues and develop appropriate responses to them
  • CAHURAST will have implemented at least one multi-year focus campaign with measurable policy impact

Governance and Accountability

Goal: To contribute to make local government and local unites of Government Service Providers more accountable towards the poor and excluded groups of Community


  • Design and implement projects on governance and accountability
  • Conduct third party monitoring and provide regular feedbacks to the government service providers
  • Develop/strengthen community based forum for promoting/watching accountability of government service providers at local and community level

Sustainable Livelihoods

Goal:Economically poor and socially discriminated people adopt sustainable and diversified livelihoods.


  • Increased awareness and capacity of the economically poor and socially discriminated people in realization of livelihood rights
  • Enhanced capacity of the economically poor and socially discriminated people to identify climate risks and skills in using adaptation measures

Organizational Development

Goal:Well equipped and capable organization having system and structure according to the changed context of Nepal


  • Restructured the organization and amendment of the constitution to work in the context of federal democratic republic Nepal
  • Developed /revised and implemented policy and systems
  • Developed Human resources as per the need of changing context